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What our clients say.

Rishika Chopra

'Your book is your baby and it deserves care like the same. Becoming an author is itself an arduous task but marketing ypur content and reaching the right readers is something completely beyond one person's control.'
Engame came as a blessing in disguise for my book. As I was too busy to handle the marketing of my book myself, I started to look for agencies and fortunately found Engame and it's amazing team!

Sanjay was my person of contact and it sure is always a pleasure to talk and work with him. He is insightful, positive and practical. The entire team actually read my book and as I was told were very much in love with it. It is their love which helped them curate personalised marketing strategies based on my content and soon after the hiring, they made my book a 'Bestseller'! That too in many categories!

It's very hard to find good companies with genuine people in it, I consider myself one of the luckiest authors to have found a team as dedicated as Engame is.

Akash Dadwal

First of all, I'd say that choosing your agency for the marketing of my book was one of the best decisions I have ever taken. Marketing of a debut novel is still the most challenging task these days. But you guys made it look so easy. Especially Sanjay, he is Ms Dhoni of EnGame team, cool, calm & composed yet effective.

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